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The game is afoot!

Holmes, does your depravity know no bounds?

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Monica Ras
Alias: Bibly
Age: 23
Occupation: Marketing Associate, Freelancer
Major: Game Art & Design
Focus: Illustration, Object Rendering
Past Internship: Griot Enterprises ~ "The Horsemen - Smile" Pencils (comic)

I always set my expectations for myself and others pretty high, so the end results can sometimes be something of a let down. I hate my computer, as often as I'm on it, and await the day it decides it can't take it anymore and dies on itself. Hopefully I'll have remembered to move everything onto my external hard drive the day it happens. I'm a nerd, as much as I don't look nor act it, and as much as I enjoy video games, comics, and other nerd-like things, I can't stand being around the majority of people who could also be considered such. I feel embarrassed for them for reasons I can't explain.

I have a thing for cute earrings, vintage t-shirts, hoodies, and belts. If I had more cash, I'd definitely stock up on all of them. I used to live off of coffee, but apparently can no longer handle it if I make it at home, as it leaves a very weird aftertaste in my mouth that makes me feel sick. I now relay on tea if I need a caffeine fix, or go out somewhere to get cappuccinos or whatever else suits my fancy at the moment. I love earthy hues, warm hues; cool colors don't really appeal to me. I slack off a lot, but still manage to get my work done, even if it means nearly pulling all my hair out along the way.

Having graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg in September of 2008, I sometimes freelance at Pipedreams 3D, a London-based company that works on producing 3D animatics for various companies that you may have seen on television, such as Wrigley's "5" gum and "Orbit" gum. Aside from that, I'm currently working at the Schaumburg based wireless network design and deployment company, Wireless Concepts, as a marketing associate. An interesting turn of events considering I had been thinking about going back to college for a marketing degree.

I also take on other various freelancing jobs that range from website design to commercial art and graphic design. If you are interested, please feel free to comment on one of the journal entries here, or through a note on deviantArt.